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Lots of different types of people come to chat on singles chat rooms from any age, any religion, from any part of the world, lets face it we have all been single at some point in our lives and it can very lonely at times, singles chat room are a good way to meet and get to know people that are also single, whether you are looking for friendship, companionship, or that one special person these chat rooms are the best place to be.

Thousands of chatters that are single search the web daily for chat and dating sites to try and find that special person and end up having to pay for the service, here at real chat room we don’t ask for any payment whatsoever, all our chat room are completely free, we don’t even ask that you sign up or register, just click the chat room of your choice and away you go, its as simple as that.

If you are looking to find love then singles chat rooms are the place to be, so who knows your perfect partner could be just a click away, simply type in singles chat rooms in your favourite browser to find many of the leading chat sites.


As with all chat you should never give out any personal information in a chat room i.e: full name – address – phone number, if you want to chat to someone in private you can use the private messaging feature which is available on most chat sites, we also stress that you never meet anyone off a chat site on your own, if you wish to meet anyone in person take someone with you and always meet in a public place.


Below are some rules you may find you have to follow in singles chat room:

No swearing or cursing.
No flooding the chat room.
No bullying.
No abusive behavior.
No giving out personal information.

If you follow these rules then you’ll be fine.

Do you fancy someone in the chat room? type both your names in the love calculator to find out if your compatible with each other!

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