Chat Smileys and Acronyms

Have you ever logged in to a chat rooms and thought to yourself what are they talking about? well i have lol it took me a while to understand the chat lingo and also how to do the smiley faces you see in any kind of chat room, on this page i will list all the chat lingo and what it means and also what the codes are for each chat smiley, i will try and list all of them but new ones come out everyday so this page will be updated weekly with all the new ones so keep checking back while visiting the chat room to see more.

Lol Laugh out loud    DmDoesn’t matter   OmgOh my god   Hb – Hurry back

BrbBe right back     Bbl – Be back later      Lmao – Laugh my a** off

TyThank you      Afk – Away from keyboard    Asl – Age sex location

MsgMessage     AsapAs soon as possible    BbtBe back tomorrow

PvtPrivate message   RoflRoll on the floor laughing  PmslPee myself laughing

AamofAs a matter of fact   AkaAlso known as   Dnd  – Do not disturb

IdcI don’t care   TtfnTa ta for now  TcTake care   J/kJust kidding
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You can use chat emoticons or smileys to show how your feeling this is a way of expressing your emotions while in a chat room instead of using words to express yourself, there is also a lot of funny ones that you can use, these are a good way to start a conversation off if you are new to chat rooms and don’t know what to chat about.