Free Chat Room Reviews

Chat sites are for people who want to come together and chat with other like minded people, there are many different types of chat sites on the web, these include adult chat room, singles room and teen chat room.

Adult chat are for over 18’s only and are for people who want a more mature conversation, there are a range of ages that visit adult chat room so you can always find someone to speak to.

Singles room are for people who want to find other singles in their area to chat to and make friendsĀ  or possible to find a relationship and meet that special person, or just simply to conversate with other single chatters.

Teens room are for teenagers aged 16-19, teens come to these types of room to mingle with other teen of the same age, there are many discussions that go on in these room – exams – relationships – advice on friendships or any kind of problem a typical teenager has – which is many lol :)


Most sites are usually moderated, these are people you will find at the top of the user list in any room and are there to help with any issues you may have regarding any aspect of the site.


No chat room will tolerate bullying, so if you yourself or someone you know is being bullied you must tell the moderator or an admin or if you feel you cant talk to them you must tell a parent or someone of authority.

Chat Rules

All sites have a list of rules you must follow to be able to remain chatting, if you don’t follow these rules you may face a kick or a possible ban from the website, visit our rules page to find out more.


We have a wide range of frequently asked question that covers general discussion topics and site navigation. Visit our FAQ page for more information.


Our forum is a place you can go and discuss topics without entering the chat room, there are a variety of discussions going on to choose from, simply pick a topic and enter your comment.

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